Soft Cover Thinker's Notebook: ChestnutSoft Cover Thinker's Notebook: Chestnut
Soft Cover Thinker's Notebook: ChestnutSoft Cover Thinker's Notebook: ChestnutSoft Cover Thinker's Notebook: ChestnutSoft Cover Thinker's Notebook: ChestnutSoft Cover Thinker's Notebook: ChestnutSoft Cover Thinker's Notebook: Chestnut

Soft Cover Thinker's Notebook: Chestnut

335 kr

Premium notebook, bullet journal & goal-planner. All in one. Save more when you buy more:

1x Notebook2x Notebooks (10% off)3x Notebooks (15% off)
  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Save more when you buy more

  • Plan & achieve your 2022 goals

  • 160x dot-grid pages: Perfect for both writing and illustrations.

  • Monthly reflection layout for assured personal development

  • Ultra-thick 150gsm pages: No more ink bleeding through to the next page.

  • Numbered pages & 2 dedicated pages for indexing. 


Anteckningsbok, bullet journal & målplanerare. Allt i ett. Oavsett om du är tekniknörd eller en fanatiker för att skriva för hand anser vi att en investering i en anteckningsbok av hög kvalitet mycket väl kan vara ditt års bästa köp.

The Thinker's Notebook innehåller 160 sidor av supertjockt 150gsm papper, mönstrat med punktrutnät—den ultimata hybriden mellan linjerat och rutnät. Den innehåller även 12 sidor av vår "Monthly reflections"-layout, där du kan jobba mot dina största mål eller helt enkelt ha en struktur för att kontinuerligt jobba med mindfulness i din vardag.


  • A5-storlek
  • 12x Odaterade sidor med vår "monthly reflection"-layout
  • 160x Elfenbensvita sidor med punktrutnätsmönster. Perfekt för både illustreringar och skrift.
  • 2x Sidor för indexering.
  • 2x Anpassningsbara introduktionssidor
  • Sidnumrering
  • Mycket tjockt 150gsm FSC-märkt paper. Motverkar att bläck/färg syns på nästa sida och ger en lyxig känsla.
  • 2 pennhållare
  • 2 bokmärken
  • Elastiskt band
  • Pappersficka längst bak för förvaring
  • 100% Veganskt material

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Your analog productivity companion

Whether it be for work, studying, journaling, or brainstorming—the Thinker's Notebook is made to be tailored to how you work. 

 ★★★★★ - Ivan S, USA

"Best bullet journal I've ever used"

"The Thinker's Notebook has easily been the best bullet journal I've ever used! The monthly reflections pages are a great bonus. Their simplicity has been exactly what I've needed to maintain habits and reach my goals!"

Bullet journal, notebook, goal planner—all in one.


While no journal is perfect for everyone, The Thinker's Notebook was designed to contain the nescessary conditions for you to craft your own perfect notebook.


160 numbered dot-grid pages

The Thinker's Notebook's pages are made using premium, FSC approved, 150gsm ivory paper. The paper's thickness helps prevent your ink from bleeding through and being visible on the next page, and its smoothness simply makes it a pleasure to write on.

Monthly reflections layout

Create the best possible year for yourself. Maintain new habits, set a monthly reminder to yourself, and stay on top of your goals—all without needing a separate planner.

Based on proven concepts, the monthly reflection system is made to help create clarity in your goals and thoughts, and will give a beautiful snapshot of your ideas and thoughts throughout the year once filled out. 

Thinker's Notebook FAQ


Got any questions about The Thinker's Notebook? Check out our FAQ below:


How is the notebook structured? Are the monthly reflections pages in the beginning?

Yes! The first 16 pages are the introductory/index/monthly reflections pages. The remaining 160 pages are dot grid.

What is the size of the notebook?

The notebook is A5 sized. Each sheet is 21 x 15 cm

How far is the space between each dot grid?

Each dot has 5mm of spacing.

So much of my daily problem-solving as an engineer comes from my notebook, and I've always wanted one that looks as good as it is useful. I can't wait to receive my Thinker's Notebook!


- Oliver, Sweden

After using and giving up on so many goal planners I'm happy to finally get one that doesn't have such a complicated system. The fact that I can have it in the same book as my regular notebook is also a huge bonus. 


- Samantha, Canada