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"I hesitated buying the Page Anchor because of the cost but I am happy that I took a chance" - Sharon, USA


"Probably the most special bookish item you could get as a reader. Worth every dollar!" - Catherine, USA


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Signature Gold


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Obsidian Black


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What is Page Anchor?


Created in our small design studio in Sweden, Page Anchor is a premium-grade anchor bookmark that prevents your book from closing. An elegant tool to transform the way you read. By removing the need to push books open with your thumb, it elevates the experience of using everything from hardcover and paperback books, to journals and cookbooks. 

 Page Anchor is used by 4300+ readers and:

- Works with any book size,

- Doesn't damage your book's spine,

- Allows for you to switch pages without fully detaching it


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$49.99 (minus discount)

★★★★★ (16 reviews)

$49.99 (minus discount)

★★★★★ (37 reviews)

$49.99 (minus discount)

★★★★★ (9 reviews)

$49.99 (minus discount)

Top 3 features of Page Anchor

1. Prevent books from closing.


Det eleganta ankarbokmärket från Page Anchor motverkar att din bok stängs igen under handsfree läsning och lämpar sig för såväl läsare som studenter, kokboksanvändare och anteckningsentusiaster.


2. Works with all book sizes.


Fits everything from hardcover and paperback books to journals and cookbooks.Page Anchor works with any book size, without damaging your book's spine.


3. Incentivises you to read more.


As technology advances, we spend more and more time feeling stressed from contant push notifications and emails. Page Anchor is our way of incentivizing the world to read more. Our mission is to make reading more relaxed and enjoyable through elegant and functional design.


What 2 of our 4300+ users say


Solid quality, beautiful design and a very useful product overall.


Krum D.


I honestly can't imagine studying or reading a book without it now!


Lydia V.


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