Introducing: The Original Anchor Bookmark

Made for journaling, reading, cookbooks & studying.

  • Over $2.2 Million in sales since 2018
  • Enables hands-free reading
  • Fits all book-sizes
  • Does not damage the book's spine
  • Turn pages with ease
  • Lifetime warranty
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Built to Last

We spent almost two years designing our anchors from the bottom up, obsessed with continuously iterating to make sure that the products could uphold our strict standards.

The results show not only through beautiful craftsmanship, but in a product that is made to last.

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"Best gifts for bookworms"


Our mission with Page Anchor is to incentivize analog activities such as reading and writing, through elegant and thoughtful design.

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    Hands-free Reading

    "So pretty and convenient. I mostly use page anchor when I am eating, and they work perfectly for hands-free reading."

    ★★★★★ Beth B. - USA

    Note Taking & Studying

    "The important thing for me is that my book pages don't flip back and forwards while I'm trying to study."

    ★★★★★ Anke G. - Germany


    Made for Gifting

    ✓ Anchors plated with precious metals
    ✓ 316L Stainless steel base
    ✓ Luxury packaging always included

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    • "Ideal for cooking,

      this Page Anchor will prevent your pages from closing while you cook."

    • "Best gift for bookworms.

      Handsome, functional Page Anchor. It holds your book open flat, hands-free.

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