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Personal gift for readers


We're excited to announce that our limited edition custom engraved anchors are back.

These custom pieces have been praised as the perfect gift for any student, journaler, or cookbook user; and we can't help but agree.

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$7.99 USD per engraving (later $10 USD)

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2x Page Anchor Rabatterat Set2x Page Anchor Rabatterat Set
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Signature GoldSignature Gold
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Winter PlatinumWinter Platinum
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Rose GoldRose Gold
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Obsidian BlackObsidian Black
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What is Page Anchor?


Created in our small design studio in Sweden, Page Anchor is a premium-grade anchor bookmark that prevents your book from closing.


Popular gift for bookworms.

Works with any book size and type.

Doesn't damage your book's spine.

Switch pages without detaching it.

What 2 of our 21,500+ users say


Solid quality, beautiful design and a very useful product overall.


Krum D.


I honestly can't imagine studying or reading a book without it now!


Lydia V.


Frequently asked questions


How do I customize my Page Anchor?

  1. Choose your favorite product above
  2. Decide on 15 characters you would like to engrave
  3. Click the "Add to cart" button
  4. Proceed to checkout and finish your order

What is the engraving cost?

For a limited time only, we're offer engraving for $7.99 USD per item (later $10 USD) and will be limited to 500pcs; so it will be a matter of first come, first served.

How many anchors can I order?

You can order as many as you want. If you want to order more than one Page Anchor, we recommend you to check out our discounted Gift Bundles.

When do the Page Anchors ship?

All custom engraved Page Anchors are made-to-order, which means that the engraving process starts when the first batch has been sold out. The estimated shipping date for custom engraved anchors is April 19th.

Which Page Anchor is your favorite?


An elegant tool to transform the way you read. By removing the need to push books open with your thumb, it elevates the experience of using everything from hardcover and paperback books, to journals and cookbooks. 


★★★★★ (129 reviews)

$49.99 USD

★★★★★ (204 reviews)

$49.99 USD

★★★★★ (155 reviews)

$49.99 USD

★★★★★ (69 reviews)

$49.99 USD


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