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5 Minimalist Christmas Gifts for Her
In our first gift guide ever, we want to share some of our favorite products of 2017. We hope you'll find some beautiful and useful gifts for your loved ones (and of course for yourself too). Here are five products we think you...
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The Ultimate Bookstagram Guide: 12 Bookstagrammers' tips for success

In short, Bookstagram is a small section of Instagram, populated by — you guessed it — book photography. Packed with beautiful book-related art, Bookstagram has a place for every type of reader interested in sharing their love for books.

In this article, we’re going to cover the fundamentals of starting and running your very own Bookstagram account, using the tips from some of the most talented people we’ve come to know — all to make sure you have all the tools you need to grow your very own account.

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7 Best Minimalist Desk Accessories
What do most productive people have in common? They never let their desks get cluttered, according to a conducted at Princeton University. Regardless of whether or not this study convinced you to clear up your desk, you have to admit that...
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image of person holding book with pageanchor
A key goal for us during the design phases of Page Anchor was making sure that both the visual and functional aspects of the anchors reflected simplicity. Not only did they need to have a minimal, simple design, but they also needed to...
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